Clay Therapy

I introduced ‘play and creativity’ into my work as a therapist as I understand not all of my clients can verbalise their emotions. 

Using clay as a medium and sensory experience can evoke a deeper understanding of ourselves and process based on existential thinking. 

Playing with clay allows our subconscious to be brought into our consciousness Jungian concepts of working with a medium such as the clay which dates back millions of year and hold energy. 

The field of psychic energy is where we work at a deep unintentional level of knowing.  Jung advises that:

‘ it is necessary to clarify a vague form this can be done by modelling, often hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.  By shaping it, one goes on dreaming the dream in greater detail in the waking state.’

In other words, clay can help with processing memory not yet explored and help make meaning of your painful experiences.  Being in the moment creatively can bring that ‘the lightbulb moment.’ 

Which we all seek to want to change our difficult situations, problems and negative experiences to implement and recover to be the person you want to be leaving the past behind.