Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based, NICE recommended therapy model. 

CBT helps with anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction and many other problems to name but a few. 

CBT breaks down the problem you are having into different parts, such as situational what thoughts, feelings you are having and the actions you take to tackle to the problem or the behaviour action taken. 

These 5 different points affect each other and therefore impact how we live our lives. 

A quite simple example, if you are depressed, you may feel overwhelmed by everyday problems of life.  You may feel like you are failing, have low conditions of worth and basically cannot see the wood for the trees. 

CBT helps by exploring your process, through techniques identifying negative distortions about yourself and explores the feelings of ‘failing’ for example. 

You may feel and believe that you are failing but are you failing at everything?

My role would be to challenge these thoughts by asking for the evidence to support these negative assumptions? 

Also to identify the positive aspects of your life. 

And this can be as simple as you noticing that you need help, that you have decided to get help and researched the internet and come across my website. 

This is a positive step, you want the support and help, this is great well done asking for help is positive, you are not alone in thinking that this is a sign of weakness  to me it is a positive step in the right direction whether it is will me or with another therapist you are on the right track. 

The next step is to implement this and contact me so we can take the next steps to help make the positive change you need to be the person you want to become.