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How long have you been working with victims of rape, sexual and domestic violence?
Sexual violence has presented it’s self to me in several different roles throughout my adult working life. I’ve worked with RASA Merseyside as a consultant and volunteer for five years, and before that, I worked in the NHS and private health care for many years.
Where are the therapy sessions held?

I currently carry out all of the treatments and therapies at Hoylake Holistics, 122 Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral

How much do you charge?

My hourly rate is £45-£60 per session depending on the complexity of the therapy. During our initial consultation, I’ll suggest how many hours I believe you will need under your unique circumstances.

Do you also provide psychotherapy counselling for family members?

Yes, I have many years of experience in counselling family members who are also experiencing emotional distress due to the trauma of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I’m very nervous talking about my problems, can you still help?

I can assure you it’s very normal to feel apprehensive, and anxiety & depression are part of mental health. We shy away from seeking help when we need it the most. You can call me for a chat anytime if you have any questions about my service and if you don’t feel ready after we’ve chatted that’s fine too.

What happens if I can’t make our agreed appointment?

Please take a look at my cancellation policy

How long do the sessions last?

Each session will last 55 – 90 minutes, depending on the therapy choice.

Can you reassure me about the confidentiality of our session?

I have a contract in place that ensures I respect your confidentiality. The only time I must break confidentiality is in the unlikely event, I feel that there’s an intent to end life.

Do you work with both men and women?

Yes, I have experience in working with a full cross-section of people, including males, females, transgender and LGBT clients.

Do you have ongoing professional training and supervision?

As part of my ongoing clinical practice, I have to have supervision.

I do not talk about you as a person only how I work with the issues you bring and look at how I could offer other alternatives out of my awareness to make sure you as a client are getting your needs met and safeguarding issues should they arise.

It’s good working practice and part of me being a member of the BACP ethical framework and codes of practice.